Once again, it has been quiet around the Emporium. We want to say Thank you to friends, old and new, who keep the creative inspiration flowing for us here.

Thank you, Roberta Lincoln, proprietor of Frog Fountain, who offers lovely, handmade doll outfits and toys via her Ebay shop.

Thank you, Hilda Westervelt, proprietor of Bellisima Couture for doll collectors, who offers amazing handmade couture garments.

Also thank you to Linda Wenzelburger, costume maker and convention-goer extraordinaire; and Scott Pennington, kilt-maker, for seeing me through the months of the Dickens Fair, 2014 and into January of this year.

Thanks to Beth Woolbright. Thanks to Scott Hamner for going for hikes and talking about singing, recently.

And this year, thanks to Eileen S. for volunteering with me at the Costumer’s Guild open house and finding time to have tea and talk about survival and the creative process. Also thank you to Judith H. Dunlap for making me feel welcome at the same event where I met Eileen. Here is a cupcake painting she made some years ago.


Starry Night cupcake cake, with a few nibbles.
Starry Night cupcake cake, with a few nibbles.

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