From the Stuff We Love files, here is another “competition” for the most crafty, beautiful, clever and creative entries we’ve seen in costuming – this is focused on Embellishment of costumes. This from Shear Madness, The Joy of Impractical Costuming

“The Shear Madness Mascot is heavily embellished.  Embroidery and trim on her boots.  Embroidery, beadwork, trim and chain on her skirt.  A faux-mechanical fronts-piece with findings, gears, copper strapping and copper vent-covers.  Embroidered lapels.  Hand-beaded silk sleeves.  Bloomers covered with lace, trim, beads and cording.  A copper beaded ruff with copper mesh.  A beaded crown on her knit and crocheted wig.  I don’t think there is a single piece on this that isn’t embellished, other than the pre-made gloves.”

And here is the Malvena Pearl’s Emporium Proprietor dressed as the First Doctor (can you spot her hiding between Glynnis and Nell?) in this group of Doctor Who(s) plus Cindy Lou Who:

All the Whos in Whoville




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