The line of clothing for dogs is coming together. We are drafting and designing patterns, finding recycled and re-usable fabrics, testing possible trims to make canine couture. Currently we are developing three lines of customized dog couture: warm coats for Northern California; fleece and flannel lined, water-resistent rain coats; and coats for working guide dogs. We have also found a number of dog owners who are willing to have their dogs pose for the camera of our staff photographer, Kenneth Cooper Smith, III.

Mad Hatter's hat by Lynne McMasters
Kenneth C. Smith III in Mad Hatter's hat by Lynne McMasters

Several of our clients have hairless breeds, such as the Mexican Xolo or hard-to-fit breeds such as bulldogs with wide rib cages and necks; “Heinz 57” mixed breeds with unusual proportions and distinctively-sized  bodies, very small “teacup” breeds and very slender breeds, such as whippets.

To inquire about our offerings, please use our Contact Us page to send us your inquiries! Thanks!

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