The Accordion Babes who played at the German restaurant on Christmas Eve were fabulous. They were all separate acts and many of them had posed for an accordion babe calendar, as we found out. We had some great dessert and a good time.

When we got back from xmas celebrations with relatives, we also attended a Boxing Day party with a large group of science fiction fans — my pals who love the Maker Fair, among other celebrations. They had their annual potluck feast and ‘white elephant’ gift exchange. Very, very silly stuff. The novelty Star Wars helmet emerged again as the gift of choice and after exchanging hands several times, it went home with a new owner.

I completed work on another cute apron and some spectacular, shiny pants for a client just before Xmas. They client was very happy with them. It’s been a quiet day around the studio, today, since I have time off from the day job; I’m cleaning up and still unpacking. I keep finding boxes of books and tools that need to be sorted from the move. Not to mention the fabric. And my friend at Black Swan Bookshop has located some interesting costume pieces in her collection. I ran this information by the Obsessed With Costumes group and I think at least one of my pals would like to see photos of the Black Swan costumes.

So much fabric, and many books to sort. Onward toward the year 2010!

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