There’s  lots of food at the day job due to the season. And lots of visiting children at the office. There are  people scurrying to get out of town or meet the air plane flights of relatives.

There’s room in my living room for me to unpack the rest of my books, wrap a few presents and complete a few projects for the web site, tagging photos and adding items to the shop.  There are friends to visit in the coming weeks who I haven’t seen for many months.  There’s some follow-up training for another day-job and a discussion to have about another potential part-time job. About that last item. I am starting to feel that I don’t have time to do one more thing, in addition to everything else. That’s becoming clear. As a wise friend once told me, “When you have all the burners going, sometimes stuff falls off the back of the stove.” Yep. My life is a kitchen appliance metaphor.

Mr. Acorn is suggesting that we go see The Accordion Babes play at a restaurant in Alameda on Christmas Eve, which is tomorrow night. I’m starting to think that’s a great idea, since the apple strudel at that place is wonderful. Also, I mean to attend the annual Browncoat Boxing Day party, held by my local group of science fiction fan friends. Those parties are pretty darn fun, I tell you what. The white elephant gift-exchange is a  fun time and the potluck food is great. And last year we had a menorah made of plastic cylons. And I believe there was some singing-along to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. Or that might have been at another Browncoat party, this year. There will be dancing, most likely and good music.  They are great folks.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope yours are safe and happy.

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