The Dickens Fair is now done. I’ve completed sewing two more commissioned garments for holiday gifts. They are meant to be a surprise, so I didn’t take any photos of these two projects. But I am happy with each of them. I made some adjustments to a friends’ vintage hat for a gift.  The To Do List (backlog and seasonal section)  is shrinking, slowly.

I identified and measured many pieces of  vintage fabric from my stash to post on the Etsy web site, so that’s coming along soon. And my pals at the dog and cat food store are looking for someone to work part-time. Which is where we get to multi-tasking.

I already have three part-time jobs, two of which are “on call.”  I could consider the fourth one this web site and all costume-related work I’ve been doing. And the volunteering for Dickens was kind of related to that.

I really like doing fun projects for the folks at the pet food store. They asked me to judge a pet costume contest on Halloween that was a BLAST. Really fun people. High energy. So, when I heard that they may need some help, I called right away.

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