I have volunteered my services as Minion to the folks running the Dickens Faire costuming shop. We’re starting with some hats for a dramatic production set in the Cavalier period. (The little theaters throughout the Faire put on different productions each season and the costume shop supports all the actors at the whole Faire.)  I like working with other costumers and learning new things. I’ve wanted to work this event for some years and I’m glad I have this opportunity.

I also have an assignment from one of my day- job supervisors to make several aprons with a “prom” theme for a catering . ( frilly, colorful, fake flowers or Very Bright fabric – whee!)  A couple of gals from my informal costuming group are venturing forth to a new-to-us discount fabrics place tomorrow afternoon. I hope to get suitable fabric for said aprons.

Meanwhile, her majesty Roo continues to be under the weather. I hope she will soon be willing to deal with her medication for her kidney/bladder problems. She’s quarantined to her room /my sewing room.

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    How cool! Can’t wait to see the aprons!

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