It has been unseasonably hot in our region of late. I don’t know about where you are, gentle reader, but the area of Oakland, CA has been very sweaty. So warm in fact that Roo the Magnificent, (the Cat of the Emporium) has been lolling about on the floor under the sewing table for several days now, flicking her tail and consuming vast quantities of water. And making ungodly noises –not unlike a screech owl –in the wee morning hours to get her Minion to feed her. Ahem. (Minion is what she calls the lowly human who feeds her and cleans her box.)  The single, industrial sized electric fan has been on full, in the studio and the heat just let up this morning thanks to some fog that may have rolled in last night. Phew.  It’s been tough to sleep, especially with all the chocolate left over from the egg hunts at the day-job.

The seamstress/Minion has been hard at work helping Ms. Mia with her hats, chemises and other garments, for her impending visit to a Costume Convention in Baltimore, MD, to see her family and to join our pal Sahrye in Williamsburg, VA at the historical village there.

Thankfully, the fog came in tonight and there’s even a breeze. I’ve been reviewing books on ribbon work. I got more work done on Ms. Mia’s hat. Here is the evidence.


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